Who We Are

Vivus Supply Co. started as Vivus Designs on the 1st of May 2010, in Riverside, CA.  We moved our Corporate office to Indianapolis, IN at the beginning of September, 2016.

Vivus Supply Co. is a screen printing, sportswear, and embroidery company bringing to life individuals design concepts to a high quality, fashion forward, finished good.  Utilizing high performance automatic screen printing presses allows us to print small projects up to tens of thousands of pieces with the most precise details.  We use a gas conveyor dryer to ensure proper ink curing is taking place whether printing waterbase or plastisol inks.   The goal of our company is to pass on our savings from our supply chain and work within your budget to create quality products while maintaining the best customer experience.

Vivus Supply Co. specialize in being a one stop shop for taking your apparel brand to the next level.  We take your brand from concept to full graphic apparel ready for the retail space.  Offering in-house sewing capabilities for sewn hem tags, sleeve tags, and custom sewn neck tags.  

Please contact us and ask about our information packet that is yours free. It includes information about Vivus and a free shirt sample illustrating a wide range of our production capabilities and quality products. We strive to do our part and help out non-profit organizations and military organizations with discounts and No Hidden Fees in our pricing. 

Vivus Supply Co. provides the unique production capabilities to produce products in bulk and ship separately.  We have the ability to develop a custom, curated webpage for our clients to help assist there fundraising initiatives.  Click here for an example!  Please email or call us today to get started on your custom landing page.


Vivus is a Latin word meaning Alive.  Our Mission is to bring your organizations ideas to Life!  Our superior production team will put your dreams and aspirations into a reality and brand your ideas for the growing and changing future. We want to do our best to help make YOU successful! 

Please contact us for a detailed price list and see how we can make your business, band, camp, church, organizations, clubs, and schools successful.